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Justice & Advocacy - an affiliate website of The Lehigh Conference of Churches

Justice and Advocacy Network

In 2008 the Justice and Advocacy Committee (J&AC) began laying the groundwork for a network among representatives of participating congregations to support local church advocacy on several issues of local interest and to coordinate efforts among the congregations engaged in those issues. Several of our congregations work on hunger-related public policy issues.

The process of building the network begins with conversation between J&AC members and representatives of our local congregations to identify issues of broad interest and the network functions that would be of most value to participants. In recent years, LCC J&A has focused on issues that include hunger, poverty, affordable housing, at-risk youth, health care, and immigration — and we may consider working on other issues that are of significant interest to our constituent congregations.

Here is an outline of what the network might look like — but this description will change as we are in conversation with each other. Please contact us if you or your congregation would like to take part in forming or participating in the network.

Who will be participants in the network?

Participants will be members of congregations and organizations in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, who have
an active concern for social justice.

What is the role of the Justice and Advocacy Committee?

  • identify educational resources and speakers on priority issues
  • organize leadership training and issue-focused workshops
  • link congregations with similar justice and advocacy activities to each other
  • build advocacy networks around one or more specific issues
  • assist J&AC in developing current or new issues and framing them for The Lehigh County Conference of Churches Board of Directors and member churches

What should contact persons associated with local congregations expect from the Justice and Advocacy Committee?

information, services and resources

  • educational resources or/and speakers bureau on key issues
  • leadership training for effective advocacy
  • web-based resources for public policy advocacy, including contact information
    for local government representatives

  • access to denominational resources
  • links to other social justice organizations
  • a clearing house for new initiatives

What should the Justice and Advocacy Committee expect from our congregational contact persons?

  • to pass on information to pastors and congregation members
  • let us (J&AC) know what is going on in your congregation
  • reprint LCC/J&A articles for members of your congregation

Last updated April 6th, 2008.