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Public Education Under Stress

Monday, December 2nd, 2013
All of Pennsylvania’s public school districts have suffered significant budget cuts during the Corbett administration, and a legislative proposal to eliminate property taxes as a source for school funding (SB76/HB76) is up for debate in the state legislature. For more details, see the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center reports on the proposed legislation (Property Tax Elimination Proposal) and better alternatives Better Options for Property Tax Relief.

Allentown School District has been particularly hard hit by cuts in state funding this year which have resulted in layoffs for 102 teachers and 23 other staff.

Allentown’s Campaign for Change has compiled a two-part report on local public education and employment. The report covers the recent history of racial/ethnic diversity and academic achievement in the Allentown School District, and it also includes statistics on unemployment in Allentown. The report documents the failure of public officials to address significant racial/ethnic disparities in educational achievement.