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J&A Fall Workshop on
Health Care
and Public Policy

Sept. 27, 2008


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    Justice and Advocacy Resource Links

    Health Care

    Pennsylvania Organizations (Health Care)

    Pennsylvania Health Care Legislation

    Health Care bills were introduced in the Pennsylvania Legislature this summer: House bill HB1660 was introduced on July 14, 2009. Senate bill SB400 was introduced on July 17, 2009. Both provide for comprehensive single payer health care coverage for all citizens of Pennsylvania. See www.healthcare4allpa.org/legis.htm for an overview of this legislation.

    Pennsylvania Council of Churches -- Recommended Links on Health Care

    • Council's Health & Health Care Policy Position Statement www.pachurches.org/What/Advocacy/Policies/Policies.htm;
      (scroll down and click on "Health")
    • Health Care for All PA: www.healthcare4allpa.org
    • Faithful Reform in Health Care: www.faithfulreform.org
    • American Medical Student Association Universal Health Care Initiative: www.amsa.org/uhc
    • Physicians for a National Health Care Program: www.pnhp.org
    • The Case for Single Payer, Universal Health Care for the United States: cthealth.server101.com/the_case_for_universal_health_care_in_the_united_states.htm.
    • Connecticut Coalition for Universal Health Care [cthealth.server101.com], Outline of Talk Given To The Association of State Green Parties, Moodus, Connecticut on June 4, 1999, by John R. Battista, M.D. and Justine McCabe, Ph.D. Somewhat dated, but useful.
    • Everybody In, Nobody Out: www.everybodyinnobodyout.org. Project EINO educates the public, encouraging state movement towards an equitable health care system guaranteeing universal access to care, to be accomplished by support of grassroots organizing and empowerment of those communities most at-risk in the current health care system.
    • Healthcare Now!: www.healthcare-now.org. Healthcare Now is a grassroots network educating the U.S. people about the national healthcare crisis and challenging the for-profit medical industrial complex that consumes so much of our healthcare dollar. The group organizes for a national single-payer healthcare system that will cover everybody with excellent healthcare and cost less money.
    • People Count: Listening to Voices about Healthcare: www.afsc.org/pittsburgh/health-report.pdf. A Western Pennsylvania Listening Project on Healthcare (May 2005) prepared by the American Friends Service Committee, Pittsburgh

    National Organizations (Health Care)

    Public Policy Debate   2009-2010

    Current Legislation - U.S. Congress
    Washington and Lee University law professor Tim Jost has provided a good overview of the House, Senate, and revised Senate health reform bills (Dec. 2009). As of January 2010, this legislation is in House-Senate Conference Committee.

    Senate Hearings (June 2009) on the Affordable Health Choices Act [pdf] -- in the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions

    President Barack Obama's health care plan details (pdf - Sept. 2009).

    President Barack Obama's speech to the American Medical Association (June 15, 2009), outlining the Administration's proposal for health care reform.

    Response to the President's proposal for a "Health Insurance Exchange"

    Other commentary on Health Care reform

    Other Resources

    • Mennonite Peace & Justice Committee (Pennsylvania)
      • efpjc.ppjr.org
        Health Care in Pennsylvania & U.S. / public policy and current legislation
      • www.easterndistrict.org
        Newsletter (Oct. 2008) with summary of healthcare issues and options in Pennsylvania [PDF]
    • Coalition on Human Needs
      -- Mental Health www.chn.org/humanneeds/
      Mental Health Parity legislation

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    Last Updated: 1/4/10
    Created: May 31, 2008