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Lehigh Valley Homelessness and Affordable Housing
April 2021 Update

    April 14 meetings of Allentown City Council and Lehigh County Board of Commissioners included discussion of Lehigh Valley housing issues. Here are highlights of those meetings and links to video recordings, presentation slides and other documents, and media reports.
  Allentown Community and Economic Development Committee (CEDC) – April 14, 2021:

  Lehigh County Board of Commissioners – General Services Committee (GSA)
  April 14, 2021 meeting:

  COVID Relief Funds Available for Lehigh Valley Housing Assistance (2021-2024):

  • Lehigh County Commissioners approved allocation of $24.3 million in Emergency Rental Assistance funds on
    March 10, 2021, from the Dec. 27, 2020 COVID relief bill, to be administered by Catholic Charities and CACLV.
  • Lehigh Valley – COVID Relief Funds allocation ($1.9T federal funding signed into law in March 2021). Lehigh Valley government agencies are expected to receive additional COVID funding, some of which could be used for housing-related purposes. Cities and towns will receive the money in two installments, this summer and next, and they have until the end of 2024 to spend it. Estimates for local government:
    • Lehigh County: $71.6 million
    • Northampton County: $60.7 million
    • Allentown: $57.5 million
    • Bethlehem: $33.8 million
    • Easton: $ 2.7 million

    Also see American Rescue Plan – How Will Lehigh Valley Governments Spend Federal Aid?   (Morning Call: March 18, 2021)

  • Additional funding from American Rescue Plan will be allocated through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s HOME Investment Partnerships Program, to help create affordable housing and services for people experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, homelessness:
    • Northampton County: $2.3 million
    • Allentown: $3.5 million
    • Bethlehem: $1.4 million

Updated: April 17, 2021

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